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Xmas Intruder!!

Date : Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Time : 11:00 AM

Santa did not come on xmas eve. However, i got myself an unwelcomed intruder on xmas day itself!

Was happily watching a Japanese animation : Brave Story. Wat an irony, my bravery, on the other hand, was tested to the max!!

First, it was a lo...ong, weird, deafening kettle- boiling sound which gave me a startler. I muz had tilted my head exactly like wat Zico always did while trying to figure wat the hell it was and where the hell it came from. After maintaining the same position for ten seconds, it came to me that the only possible source hv to be the fan's motor since there aint anything else in my tiny little studio hallway.

I stand up to off the fan and continue to indulge in my fantasy world of Wataru fighting his way to change his destiny. ( the animation dat i was watching, rem?)I was so engrossed in all the adventures and fightings and magics in front my 14" laptop monitor, and Holy Crap!! A huge black shadow (together wif chilly flipping sound) flew passed quickly through the corner of my eyes.

With feelers slithering in every direction, accompanied with a high pitch screaming, I swang opened the bedroom door and slammed it shut behind me. The next moment I knew, i was hiding inside the blanket, counting the thumping sound of my pounding heart. And i swear.. i can still hear the flying demon flipping his monstrous wings outside the door, trying to knock open a hole to join me in my blanket!!!

I dunnoe how long i had been hiding.. but apparently i struggled into sleep not long after.....

I was in the middle of my sweet slumber... and suddenly i was awakened by the strange yet familiar kettle-boiling sound!! Huh?? I tot i ored off my fan?? Gosh.. I took a peep at the clock which shows 2:30am, the wee hour in the morning. Here it came again!! That shrill, sharp, piercing voice resounded through the house, and seemed to twinkle in the outer darkness like a devilish fire. It repeated for a few times and finally my mind was clear enuf to match the sound with the flying demon outside my room. It dawned upon me that it muz be a cricket!! For god sake, i had not seen a cricket nor heard one b4. I thot cricket was supposed to chirp merrily in the story book i once read??

There was an indescribable trill and tremble in the chirps, at its loudest, and which suggested that flying demon had being carried off its legs, and made to leap again, by its own intense enthusiasm. The intense flipping sound of his wings shows that the demon too must had been struggling to get out of this unfamiliar place too! Nonetheless.. all these flipping .. chirping.. darn little bugger making racket outside my room was too much to bear and i cant imagine if it hadnt found its way out when i woke up the next morning without my skin started to crawl.

I was deadbeat at 6am when i finally concluded and confirmed that the stupid cricket had failed totally in searching his way out. I had been hiding in the bedroom for almost twelve hr then(Lucky me has a built-in bathroom)!!! But i really dare not to step out of the room with the cricket flying and chirping ard outside. I was 100% sure dat i will hv fainted if the cricket flew rite into my face at the moment i opened the door! Yucks..!! I had to get out and set off to work!

Then.. i spotted the hp on my desk. Not dat i had any other choice... I had to rang Jimmy and Pauline who hold the spare key of my apartment to come for my rescue.

Jimmy came armed with weapon- SHELTOX!! Wimpy me and Pauline can only peeped thru a narrow opening inside the room while Jim- the Great Warrior fighting a battle with the flying-midnite-killer-singer. The whole process took abt ten minutes and the war ended wif Jim the warrior declared his triumph and Pauline & I sweated in pale. Well.. Pauline was much better than I was thou. Shame but true... I completely lost my dignity in front of this ugly flying monster.

For god sake... I wonder how a cricket can come out with such a chirping sound? With a voice so astoundingly disproportionate to its size!! My only wish is no more cricket shall ever ever come into my house animore, this gotta be a full-blown phobia, i swear! No cricket when i open my door and enter my house today, wif my finger crossed!! Fingers Crossed

P/S: Pauline and Jennifer came back from their 'SA-conquering-tour'. see wat my dear Pauline got for me from Peru. Peachy!You're The Best

P/P/S: Update- I had done some research online and decided that it wasnt a monster cricket that broke into my place yesterday. Its actually a Cicada. Click the link to hear a Cicada,On ur speaker to the max n thats exactly the horrible sound i heard last nite!!!


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Witness Statement for Xmas Intruder!!
What the hell is cacada? only in brazil?
  • Statement made at 6:51 AM | By Anonymous Anonymous

We have crickets in UK too. Absolutely annoying. Its everywhere durin' Summer. Good post. funny, make my day.
  • Statement made at 9:08 AM | By Anonymous John

Do u noe u can actually eat cicada. Those fried insects in Thailand.. u noe?? u noe??
  • Statement made at 7:21 AM | By Anonymous Yorkshirebaby

Poor thing... Quickly come back to Singapore lar.. no sucha thing here!
  • Statement made at 9:20 AM | By Anonymous Anonymous

Yorshirebaby,arr... i think i noe.. Those bugs sold by the roadside.. Eeee...

john, u from UK?

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