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About the Devil: Missy ZEE
- A super blur gal on the wrong side of twenties who eats too much but exercises too little, spends too much but earns too little, and acts too fast but thinks too slow.

Current Location: Samba Land, SA.

Current Deed: Job Assignment in Brasil.

Devilish Indulgence: sleeping / travelling ard the world / good movies / good books / playing wif cammie / ice-cream n chocolate / retail therapy / exploring & experiencing new things / falling in love / rolling with zico / singing in the shower

Expertise: sleeping / eating / self-encouraging / forgetting names / losing things / procrastinating / lending a listening ears / bullying zico / shopping

Current Favs : Singer-Corrine Bailey Rae.Jack Johnson.Ben Harper.Damien Rice. Eason Chan / Book-Marley and Me.Angels and Demons / Actor-Eric Bana.Jude Law / Accessory-Sun Glasses.Watch

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Quit bugging ME!!!!!

Date : Saturday, December 16, 2006
Time : 9:26 PM

I hate headache... but worst of all.. i m a frequent sufferer from freaking headachie.

Seems like a tension headache, but seriously i dun reckon i m under stress. Could be migraine, but i dun feel nausea either.

This creepy + cruel attacker comes and goes like nobody business and it visits few times a month without prior appointment. Sometimes it fades within a few hrs, but most of the time it lasts for one whole day.

I dunnoe wat the hell trigger the blardy headache, It can takes place anytime, anywhere: sudden change in temp, hot weather, pre n pro- menstrual, skip a meal, staring at the computer monitor for too long & etc... It seizes control every now and then shamelessly, attacking the poor helpless me. Hammer Head

Wat an unbearable pain in life.. How nice if i could change a head like replacing a harddisk of the computer. Sh*t!!! There goes my beautiful Saturday.


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