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The Adventure to Paris

Date : Friday, April 28, 2006
Time : 11:33 AM

26th April 2006

Reached Changi Airport by 10:00pm.
I was one of the last few passengers who did the last min checking-in.
Baggage exceeded the 20kg limit by 12.4kg.
The handling officer was kind enough to let me get away. I guess he too was anxious to get his things done as the flight was going to depart in no time.

Didn't mention to many frens of my departure time. I couldn't bear the 'touchy-feely' scene where everyone hugging each other, mumbling words in crying voice as if I am not going to come back anymore.
In fact, I guess I m just too afraid that I might not be able to drag my feet towards the departure gate.

There are so many pp that I cant bear to leave with.
Mum n dad, dd, zico, colleagues and friends. I had to keep reminding myself its only 2 yrs and I will be back every 6 mths.
And now, it was time to say goodbye. I managed to stop my tears from spilling out of the corner of my eyes while walking into the gate.

Hurried towards the direction of Gate C20.
Walked past a duty-free boutique selling sun-glasses.
Oops, forgot to packed in my fav eye-shade.
Hesitated to walk in and one. Too bad...The PA system was announcing the closing of gate.
Hee.. guess I am still quite myself. The forever muddle-head and vain Ms Zee.

11:20pm.AF257. Seat 28G.

I got lucky. My seat was beside two sg gals about my age, probably slightly elder. They are heading to Greece for their backpacking. Three of us were being surrounded by a whole room of French handsomes and beauties. Greece, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Well..so as Brazil. However, I am just not in the mood to feel the excitement.

A familiar tune got into my ears, French version of "Happi Birthday", an international song. A bunch of teenage French was giving their bday boy a surprise. The joy was contagious. Yet... my uncontrollable tears just rolled off the cheek without any pre-warning. I did not feel the grief, but somehow the emotion found a way to express itself.
Deep down, I tried to ignore the tiny sound regretting the decision made.

27th April 2006

Paris Time: 6:am Singapore Time: 12:00pm
Arrgh... 12 hr flight. My bouncy-juicy butts was now as flat as a sheet of paper.
Alight from the aircraft, woa... the air was freezing. Quickly hopped on the airport shuttle to terminal 2C. So great to receive dd's call. Thanks god, you called at the right moment... It boosted up my morale a bit.

Spent at least 45 mins searching and asking, finally found my way to Gate 5.
The airport officers weren't very frenly but still okie. Not as bad as I expected.
Stood for another 20 mins like an idiot amidst the morning air. Was doing some self-entertainment: blowing breath into the air and watched the foggy smoke formed. Wat a fun, if only I am not just wearing a adidas jacket without anything underneath.

A very kind gentleman pointed to me a shuttle bus that I could have tried before a white minibus stopped in front of me. Checked with the driver and he nodded without even raised his head to look at me.Well.. French are notorious for their snobbishness.Couldn't ask for more, I was relief and quickly settled myself into the cozy seat.

The driver was a smart-looking black man, and he pulled the brake in front of a Building with the name 'Sofitel' on it after 10 mins ride.
I looked at him, puzzled, and he looked back.

"Sofitel. This is it."
"(Worried and shocked)... I want to go to Novotel. Where is Novotel then? I thot you said this bus go to Novotel?"
"No... no... no Novotel. You're confused."
"But I did check with you when I alighted."
"You said Sofitel and this is Sofitel."
I was speechless and lost.
"Alrite.. Then how am I going to .."
"Ok. Which Novotel? There are two. The one near to the airport or.."
"The one close to airport."
"Alrite then. You wait and I can take you there. (smile)
But REM this bus doesn't go to Novotel. Only Sofitel."
"Really?! u will take me there?! Oh Thank God! Thank you sooo much!
Ya.. ya.. I will take note next time"

What a close shave. I nearly ended up in nowhere.
Should I consider myself lucky in this situation then? Geez...

The receptionist @ the hotel isn't very friendly.
An Indian gal who spoke good English thou.
Got to wait for 30 mins before there was room available.
Eight to eight day room.Room 125.

Quickly washed up and finally felt better.
My phone was not working, can only receive call but couldn't call out.
Eventually had to use the hotel phone to call home. It was really great to hear from dad and mum.
The bed was beckoning me.. Dreamland seems extremely sweet after the long flight...

My sweet slumber lasted for an hour. Waken by a devilish headache.
My headache is getting more and more frequent these days. =(
Looked for the watch, 11:45am Paris time. Probably I should go get some food and also painkiller.
I did not have Euros with me. The hotel Cafe should be able to take plastic.
Alan called.. it was really nice to hear a familiar voice from half a world away.

Phew... The sickening headache had subsided to a moderate level that I can still tolerate.
The Hotel crew had ran out of painkiller and I was told to get it at the Terminal.
Anyway, somehow it got better after a fulfilling lunch @ Novotel Cafe.
A omelette and a heavenly hot choc did the miracle. The costs of Euro 12.80 survived me from food deprivation.

Tried to establish an wireless internet connection but unsuccessful.
It is 4:00pm Paris time and there is another 4 hr before check out.
I am going to take a nap again.. zzZZzzz

8pm, the sky is still blue and bright. Took the shuttle bus no.5 to the terminal.

Paris Time:8:54pm Paris Airport.
Its almost 3am in Singapore. Just enter the departure hall. The officer in the departure hall are friendlier than the arrival hall for sure. At least, they dun have the head in the cloud attitude.
Trying hard to find a wireless network while waiting. Not avail again.=( Going to take the flight AF442 at 11:30pm to Rio.
Bye.. Paris..

28th April 2006

Touched down Rio de Janeiro @ 530am in the morning.
After clearing the immigration, I headed straight to the Duty-Free shop.
Uncle Larry had not failed to remind me to get some choc for the gals in my new office.
Hee.. got myself a Retro-design Polo Sunglasses too.

Waited for an hr but there still a sign of my baggage. Just when i thot it was going to take forever, a guy came upon and told me that my luggagge was delayed and I can only get it by tomorrow!!

Facing the beach Icarai, the location of where we stay are pretty nice and windy. well... its kinda convenient too!!Beside the building, there is this Sendas, similar to NTUC that we have in SG. There is a pharmacy opposite the apartment and a park round the corner of the road.

I am really really tired now.. after making myself a bowl of maggi mee..updating this blog.. i guess its time for a good and relaxing sleep finally...

Tciao tciao..

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Flying off Tomorrow

Date : Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Time : 12:02 AM

Just got the air tix from HR. Air France, economy, 30++ hr altogether. Gosh!!

Flying off tmr nite @ 11++ to the other country which is totally unknown to me.
What a mixed feelings.

I love my colleagues here in Singapore..
The uncles n aunties treat me well and definitely take very good care of me.
Esp uncle Larry who dotes on me a lot. I know i shall miss him like crazy.
The young ones too, a bunch of good chaps to hangout with.
Real frens are really hard to come by, and what a good fortune to know Evon, Esther and the rest.
I will remember the Friday nite Karaoke for sure.. guys n gals.

Took a glance at the windows outside meeting room.
Thot i saw Sakura at the first glance!
The trees are glooming. Looks like i can save a trip to Japan. What a lovely place.. I cant help to regret the decision made.

Well... I guess there is nothing better to savour this sweet memory than remembering them hard. Anyway, i will be back in six month time..

Life in Brazil are waiting for me.. I had to be brave and head on..

See ya guys soon!!!


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New Blog Layout

Date : Monday, April 24, 2006
Time : 11:29 PM

Hurray!! finally got a look for my blog after a weeks of researching and modifying.

Thanks to Blog Skin and Sparrow.

Yesterday went to Republic Plaza for my teeth polishing and scaling.
Good recommendation from dd. Hee.. now can show off my my broad and wide smile again!

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Celtic Jersey from SC

Date : Monday, April 17, 2006
Time : 10:30 PM

A fren of mine gave me this yesterday.
A farewell gift b4 i fly off to Brazil =)
Saw him wearing this once, he looked simply suave with it.

Real sweet of him!! I wonder how he managed to get this Celtic jersey from.

Some brief history on ths Football League. Its one of the two famous Scotland Local Football League, (the other one is Ranger, i reckon?!).
My fren went to pursue his degree last yr in Glasgow, subsequently fall in deep deep love with this team.


Admire the four leaves logo, mm.. thats the best part of the whole jersey!
Too bad,, its too big for me.. probably can transform it to my nitie wear, hee!


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Take the Lead

Time : 9:18 PM

Caught a show after work yesterday.
A show that i have been looking fwd to ever since catching a glance @ the trailer in the cinema.Typical type of inspiring show that nvr fails to hoax me forking out the money from my pocket willingly.
And all i would say is, this time, it really worth the money & time!

The storyline is revolving around Pierre Dulaine, a true story that happened in Mahattan. He is a former professional ballroom dancer who owns a dancing studio. After witnessing a vandalism that took place during the night on the street, he decided to help these kids through his own means.
Pierre, (in this show casted by Antanio Banderas, which i think he did a marvellous job, playing his part as a gentle, Spanish/French Mix), volunteers his time to teach ballroom dancing to this group of New York inner city highschool kids.
Initially forced to participate as a form of detention, the kids reject Mr. Dulaine's efforts until his unwavering commitment and dedication finally inspires them to embrace the program, infusing it with their own unique hip-hop style while subconsciously learning valuable life lessons about pride, respect, self-esteem and honor.

I love the ending part where everyone, regardless of their social status, their races, and their education level, all immersed in the joyous spirit and dance themselves off in the grand ballroom. It paints a thousand words- Music and dance are without borders!!


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Boring Noon...Fantasy to the Samba Land

Time : 2:28 AM

Mmmm... Just had a 'caplang' lunch.
Indian Rojak bot by a colleague.

Quite full and greasy now..
Again, nothing to keep my mind occupied.

I am still quite new to this blogging experience,
no doubt it has been quite a phenomena since.

Just got a mail from my future boss.
He needs me to be there by May.
Looks like the 26th departure date is therefore set and nothing could really change a fact ored a fact.

My first time traveling alone, what worst this is a 30++ hr journey with 15hr stopover at Paris.
All by myself!!
Well.. besides the full loads of grumbling,
In fact, kinda excited by this little adventure of myself.
Looking fwd to explore the unknown at the other side of the world~


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The birth of a new blogger

Date : Sunday, April 16, 2006
Time : 11:53 PM

A new colleague of mine show me her bf's photos. On her blog.
Hmm... Stir me up a bit to start blogging..
Afterall, i've got nothing better to do too.

Hee.. come back to the very new colleague of mine.
A very cute, straightfwd gal indeed.
Not any stereotype kinda gal but an 'alienated' type of gal to me,
at least none of my frens fall into this category.

too bad.. i m flying off soon and time is just too short for this budding frenship to blossom.

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