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Date : Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Time : 5:08 PM

It is one of those days while u feel bored becoz of nothing to do which in fact you are not really in the mood to do anything.

You received a msg from someone u once dated. You've rarely stroll down the memory lane these days as you r pretty much satisfied wif ur current situation. But this msg.. this msg from someone who was once so close to u.. this msg which told you, you are being missed despite his absence all these years in your life.. And this message has bring back some fond memories of the first boy you went out with...

We were so young back then.. i could still smell the rose given to me in the middle of nite after his drumming performance, i could still feel the whispers by my ears on the beach in front of our high school, i could still hear the songs sang to me on those nites by his unique voice, and i could still see the crystal sleigh he gave me which was broken on the day we separated. And ya.. i can still pictured how he snatched a kiss from me in his white little car, which freaked me out and later led to the ending of our puppy love.

Its not as if u'r still carrying it with u.. its just that the nostalgic blood and slime somehow boiling inside u todae. And u realise, these reminiscing of the past has in fact reminds you to be a better person when it comes to relationship. U r glad with what u have and you learn to treasure what is really meant for u.. God bless, my dear.


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"Trick or Treat" ?!

Date : Friday, October 27, 2006
Time : 2:42 PM

Counting down to 31st.. I bet my crazy bunch of colleagues in SG are busy planning for their Halloween nite out now.

Here in brazil, the kids enjoy the fest more than the adults. Angela bought a Bruxa's (aka witch)outfit for her darling daughter. All of us get excited and start roleplaying HarryPotter.

Hooray Halloween!! Another excuse for little kids to eat more candies, big kids to make more troubles, and old kids to roleplay to their fantasies. Bah, goblin-bug!

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Lecture can be less boring!

Date : Thursday, October 26, 2006
Time : 9:56 PM

To my fellow NTU-ers, keke.. here's a clip to share!!

I wonder Why my lecturer back then wasnt as funny as this cute Indie Prof. I might had skipped lesser tutorials = more As in my exam. Tongue Out

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Wat a sunny day!

Time : 10:02 AM

Thursday!!! Hurray.. my favourite day of the week(weekends do not count). Need to replenish my fruits supply in the Thursday Street Mkt.
Mmm.. =( there is no guava a.k.a guaiaba todae. i lurvvee the pink Guava here. Its not as hard and big as the SG guava, and it full of seeds, but i think i hv sort of addicted by its smell and taste.

My sumptuous breakfast @ Bob's. We get to choose watever ingredients we want from the menu! Peachy, why doesnt McD allow us to hv this Op too??

I had Hambuguer com presunto(ham) e ovo(egg) + sucos de laranja, yummie!!!

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SuperHero Wannabe

Date : Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Time : 4:10 PM

I feel like a little girl
Trying to conquer the whole wide world
Everybody wants a piece of me
And I just don't know where to turn
I've got work piled up to my head
All I want to do is jump into bed
And wash away my troubles with lemonade
Play hide and seek with the boy next door
Take a trip to Singapore
And imagine how I'll make the world a better place

All I need is a good disguise
One where nobody can recognize
That I'm feeling so small
All I need is a secret weapon
I've gotta have faith
Zapping monsters into outer space
I'm gonna be a Superhero

-- Little Superhero Girl, by Corrinne May
Copyright 2003, Corrmay Gourmet Music (ASCAP)

I wanna be a lil' Superhero Gal too. =D

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.. zzzzZZZZzzzzz...

Time : 1:34 PM

We supposed to have a post-bid-submission lunch gathering but it was then postponed to tmr.

It is another similarly lazy day, i had talked to Boss yday of how bored i m and he gladly promised to assign some chores to me. However,except for the short meeting this morning, the only intruction i got is still 'sit back n relax'. Despite my prev grumblings on how the proj sapped all my energy and zest for life, i found myself start ranting on the boredom tag along with this sudden freedom. When i finally able to sit down without all those bothersome edges of work poking at my back, i realise i miss the days going home with a sense of satisfaction.

Its only Wednesday and i have been eagerly looking towards weekends. The weekends are my purpose of going through the week. =P Not saying dat my weekends is gonna be fabulously exciting, but it will definitely better than any og these days.

"Boss, please give me some work!!!"

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43 Things

Date : Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Time : 6:05 PM


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Bored to Death

Date : Monday, October 23, 2006
Time : 3:11 PM

Let me tell you this - Boredom can literally kills you!!

I came in at 8am, checked my email- replied some mails- printed out some stuffs- filed them up- reviewed my figure submitted previously- nothing wrong- checked for email again- no vendor's reply- checked my blog- replied to comments- blogged- visited other communities- attended Portuguese Class- eat Pao de Queijo bought by kind Pauline, worried dat i might die of hunger due to the class which was held during lunch time- checked mail- no reply- talked on the phone- get bored and hanged up- chatted with colleagues who also got nothing better to do- went to get some drinks- and here i am- blogging again.

There is no doubt that the number of post is proportional to my boredom level. A week ago, i was working till my head dropped, and a week later I am officially a 'sian ren' after the proposal submission. Eagerly waiting for the day to go back to SG, can sbd share some tips to beat boredom @ work. Any taker, plzZZzzzzz???


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Time : 9:01 AM

I just discovered a great way to share photos.
Thanks to an old time fren who shared this piece of info.

A trial album dedicated to Zico. My first comment: Fast uploading speed, easy to use, and huge storage space. Make photo-sharing a breeze, worth trying!

Wat surprised me most is the founder of Zorpia, a young chap from HK, who is only 24 this yr!! He founded Zorpia when he is 20, determine to create a web photo-sharing space, and now Zorpia has become on of the fastest growing online social newtwork. Wat a genius.

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My hunkie Alan

Date : Sunday, October 22, 2006
Time : 5:59 AM

Woke up early again..
went straight to bed at 8 last nite, dunnoe wats gotten into me.. has been sleep earlier n wake up earlier lately.. a sign of getting older? OMG~~

Bumped in to my hunkie Alan in MSN. Keke.. thinks i not in SG also do him gd. Shy

Nobodi for him to jio out for dinner, more time to go jogging.

He sure looked gd after sweating the hell out after the NB Real Run. Cheerio, bud!


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After all these years...

Date : Saturday, October 21, 2006
Time : 5:04 PM

.. wat had actually changed?

I dont know either, ya.. it has been a long time since the last hearty chat.
i reckon i m not those who can actually open up my heart and just blurt out watever thots running in my mind.. And u r the one who actually made me realise this.. Still rem many yrs ago, inside the classroom near little canteen? I m glad i have known you.

I think i m having the Quarter-Life-Crisis, standing at the cross-road not knowing which direction to head...
feeling "not good enough" because
one can't find a job that is at his/her academic/intellectual level
frustration with relationships, the working world, and finding a suitable job or career
confusion of identity
insecurity regarding the near future
insecurity regarding present
re-evaluation of close
interpersonal relationships
disappointment with one's job
nostalgia for
university or college life
tendency to hold stronger opinions
with social interactions
financially-rooted stress
to have children

Except for the last two, i think i hit the nails on the heads of most the descriptions listed.
The rat race is kinda tiring, perhaps i should stop finding a goal but to sit down and set a goal? And as we reluctantly push forward to the precipice of the big 3-0, (well.. eventhou i still got a palm of fingers to go) many of us eventually fall at the altar of Botox, form an obsessive Madonna-like yoga habit/complex, and swear off carbs for life.

I mean.. i should have been satisfied by the current situation, i hv a job to keep me surviving, tons of opp to travel, i m pampered by the people ard me, i hv no prob making new frens at the same time maintaining my old circles of frens.. but where is this lifestyle leading me to. And wat is really waiting for me at the end of the road?

Or perhaps wat i need most now is just my fluffy Zico getting into my face the first thing in the morning and set a smile on me. . Puppy 1


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Another Working Saturday

Time : 10:15 AM

No doubt i had finished all my work.. hv some free time surfing internet.. facelifting this blog.. etc.. I m still required to come back to office standby for clarification.

And so.. i brot my lappie wif me... on my MSN.. plays some nice music.. not to forget the CSI season 6, and tons of Games!! Keke.. i have decided to incorporate the Google Corporate Culture for myself.. ( well.. just for this SAT!)

Who the heck care.. Who Caresits my Sat n i dun claim OT okie!


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New Corporate Phone

Date : Friday, October 20, 2006
Time : 3:36 PM

Got my new corporate handphone. Compared to the previous one (N3100 - which can honorly classified as antique these days), this is so much better!! Now, Pauline is feeling sad as hers is the only one without a cammie. =P


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Light A Million Candle

Time : 3:18 PM

Go and light a candle at http://www.lightamillioncandles.com/, which has been set up to petition against child pornography. They have about 700,513 candles lit so far, and they are aiming for at least a million by 31st Drecember 2006, so go and lend your support.


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Marley & Me

Time : 10:11 AM

I always know i have a low treshold of holding my tears when it comes to pets, frenship and kinship. But nvr do i expected the tears started, for me on page 224 when Marley moved "from middle age into retirement". I had been having so much amusement reading about Marleys antics and quirks up and i guess i had grown in luv wif this dog despite his crumsiness and hyperactiveness. The way he climbs up the stairs daily to join the Grogans despite his failing hips twisted my heart.

I cant help but to think of Zico when he gets old. He is still a young pup to me and he will always be (Zico just had his official 2 yr old bday celeb on 5th of Oct). I hate to think he will go thru the aging stage eventually. Nevertheless, mortality finiteness is unavoidable so it applies to everyone of us and every smart doggy out there. Our beloved companion will leave us one day, and i m not sure if i could handle it till it happen to me. The best is to treat Zico better and shower him with more love. Wat a shame to say this when i am here in Brazil, leaving him wif Mom n Dad. I knoe Mom has been taking great care of him, but i know Zico is missing me as much as I have been thinking of him.

Yet finish the book but i know i will hv a hard time going through Marley's retirement. I guess I would better read it at home or else i shall scare the hell out of Pauline & the rest.

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Corinne Bailey Rae

Time : 8:38 AM

Woke up in the midst of my dream after much disruption of the alarm clock. stretched for a better position, trying to steal a few more winks in bed.

On the speaker and let the music filled my small apartment, the morning ritual has to be.

The latest hits on my Ipod of Jack Johnson had been replaced by Corrine Bailey Rae light and sultry voice in her good old fashioned soul music.

The first time i ever heard any songs of this gal was when I listened to the radio in CK's car and "Put Your Records On" came on. Woovy was the first impression. A few days later, "Like a Star" came showering like the most beautiful music i ever heard.. And since then, i was completely subdued, by her voice.. by her songs.. by the rhythm.. by the lyrics. Almost all her tracks touches me and brings me into her world. This gal simply has the power to get me into the mood of swaying a slow dance.

Mashi thinks "Till it happpenend to You" sounds sad, hmm.. I listen to it carefully.. and i reckon there is a little. Or perhaps, it deps also on your mood at that time, Happi listening, folks.


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Pancho Nicky

Date : Thursday, October 19, 2006
Time : 10:23 PM

I had just finished watching the best episode of CSI season 5 -Grave Danger 1 & 2 (occurs in ep 24 & 25 finale). Nick was kidnapped and buried alived in a transparent coffin attacked by fire ants. Grissom and the rest of the team were to find him and rescued before he died from suffocation or the attack of the fire ants.

The live feed of Nick was the most emotionally charged. Cant stop the adrenalin rush. I dont usually admired George Eads in his Nick Stoke character, but this ep sure brings out the wiser side of Nick. I was even more in love with Grissom when he cool-ly said to Conrad ( who nastily split his team in the prev season) : " I want my teams back". A man wif brain is the man with wand.
In short, the finale rocked!! A real successful stunt to end the season.


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Half-Yearly Performance Review

Time : 5:30 PM

Boss passed me two sheets of A4 papers. Hmm.. looks familiar. Ooh.. here it comes again, the notorious 6-mth appraisal.

Come to think of it, I hv been here for terribly six months(5 mths 23 days to be precise).

Time to crack my brain again... Haiz, who is the first to come out with this stupid idea? I shall need to revaluate myself in writings and markings. One of the most dreaded task @ work.

Well... looking at the bright side, if the grapewine is to be believed happy days are on the way. All this plays very nicely into my plans to go for a holiday to Peru and get myself a new lappie. Thar.. day-dreaming again.


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New Taggie

Time : 2:51 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen, may i present you todae Newborn Star = "My Oogix New Taggie"!!

Hehe.. i had officially abandoned Tagboard after much heartpain losing all the prev msg. Now lets put our hands together to welcome the new OOGIX. ( thanks to fattythinks! )

Okie. guys n gals, lets hv a grand opening ceremony by leaving a loud SHOUT-OUT on my new taggie! Cheers ~


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Esta chovendo..

Date : Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Time : 4:28 PM

It is raining... from morning till now..

Rio's weather is as unpredicatable as the highness's mood swing.

Yesterday and the day before we were still kaopeh-ing abt the burning sun, todae the whole city is flooded by the big downpour. Temperature drops rapidly from 30 C to 20 C.

Boss goes Angra todae. Hv to go back by Ferry. In fact, i do enjoy taking the ferry. Watching the people, breathing the Carioca's air, crunching the pipoca while strolling back to the apartment. However, this is all subject to the weather condition and definitely not on a rainy evening like this.

Had finished most of my assigned task, hence rather eng eng cheng cheng these days.
Did some touch-up here n there on my blog( as you can see) , and even managed to log in for more than one time within a day. =P

Was surfing the net to do some research on Lasik, accidentally came across a thread abt plastic surgery heatingly discussed in a forum. Am really surprise to find out there is actually so many SG gals bravely opt for operation to change/enhance their physical looks. Thot of Dawn Yang(Yeo) , who once created a blogging craze by making herself uber sexy thru severe PS. If one is to be the walking advertisement of PS in SG, it has to be her. I had to say i admire these gals' courage but i cant help wondering is it really worth the risk? Afterall.. we are not looking for someone who care abt our look but someone who really understand us. I guess the society plays a part as well. In a perfect world, women might be judged solely by our wits and wisdom, however, the ugly truth is: obesity is a sin, looks do count and it really matters.

Alan shared with me an encounter of his the other day. There was this gal who is a little bit at the plump side came interview for a post in his company. The only comment made by his boss was: 'Aiya.. we got to spent more on the food if we employ her.'

We live in a world where we can change nearly everything. No feeling towards your spouse? File a Divorce. Hate that job which you think you are being underpaid? Resign and Get a new one. Your big nose, fat cheeks, sagging fanny? PS does the trick. Unfortunately our desire for radical change may lead to deeper problems. PS may simply be a Band-Aid covering an insecurity that will simply find a new mask to hide behind after a so-called problem gets fixed.

I always believe in this, when you are confident, you shall look great.
Time to go home, Tciao..

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The dream i had ..

Time : 8:48 AM

woke up feeling groggie todae.

i had a dream, cant rem the details, but i rem seeing my dear Larry carrying his grandson, surfing to the wide blue sea in his own yacht.

Heee.. how weird. The last time i checked Larry's two son have not marry yet!! Keke... Can aniebodi tell me wat does this means??

My colleague plucked some fresh-from-the tree 'Acerola' for us. He got a big Acerola tree in his house. A unique looking fruit, i bet its some distant relatives of miss cherrie and mr blueberry. Only available in south america, i guess. Its as much sour as sweet in flavor, with 3 to 4 hard seed inside its tiny body. According to my colleague, it is always make into nutricious juices due to its huigh vit C contents. Nice!!


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Pipi!!! Welcome to the family

Date : Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Time : 9:41 PM

Just adopted a tiny pinkie cutie! Cum play wif my precious pipi~~

adopt your own virtual pet!


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I wonder..

Time : 5:19 PM

..wat happened to tagboard??!!!

It had been down for dunnoe how many days.

Jeopardise my prettie prettie blog. =(
I shall give it another few days b4 delete it from this blog.

Receive Zico's pix todae.

Hee.. my heart is melting..
Sth to share: chance upon this cute blog:
dog-lover , u might like it too.

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Santiago(Chile) - Door to the Andes

Date : Monday, October 16, 2006
Time : 4:04 PM

Some things to share about my trip to Chile.

It is a beautiful city with its natural backdrop of snowy Andes range.

The scene outside the window was so beautiful to be true. I had a hard time convincing myself that I was still in a mortal land everyday morning when I force opened my droopy eyes.

Santiago was very much a city of itself. I stayed in a five star hotel near the shopping area and this definitely provided me plenty of retail therapy sessions. Goods in Rio are priced way too ridiculously and I was just glad to be able to have some shopping sprees in Chile. Visited a few towns near Santiago. Vina del Mar and Valparaiso, the cities near the sea, went to the famous Concha y Toro Vineyard and skiing at Valle Nevado. I spent a week there and I left by plane to Puerto Montt (part of Pantagonia).

Stayed in Puerto Varas, a small town near Puerto Montt. Situated on the shore of Lago Llanquihoe, a huge lake, its perfect location provides one a picture-perfect view of the country’s famous volcano Osorno. I decided I had fallen in love with this beautiful town and I might just stay here for life if I can forget about my job, the unpaid loans and so on…. Not to mention the marvelous king crab and locos (Chilean abalone)!!

One thing to add, the stray dogs here are the friendliest and handsome doggie I had ever met. See this big baby, he just came forward and lied down on his back, waiting for a personal massage!

My feeling is: you had to master Spanish in order to understand this city better. My trip was nice and relaxing but I should have arranged more activities rather than just sightseeing. If given a chance I would love to return to this country again, to explore the culture, practice their Spanish, learn to drink Pisco like true Chileans...and return home with a new husband connected to my hip. Ha!!!

PS:Its really troublesome staying in a cold country. You have to wrap urself in layers of clothings each time you go out.. And not to mention putting ur naked butt on the icy meat-biting toilet bowl each time u had some business to do!! How i missed the warm sun.

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Falls Iguazu

Date : Friday, October 13, 2006
Time : 12:04 PM

Hehe.. had been MIA for quite a while huh....

I bet u can guess wat i m gonna say. Yupe... i m super duper busy.. so busy till no time to go toilet. =P

Well.. like the saying goes.. all work and no play make zeezee a dull gal. I worked extremely hard, so i guessed i should be awarded by a breakaway ya!

Some flashback to share...

Trip to Falls Iguazu during the weekend of 14-17 of September

Its damn cool man.. i assured you, this is really one hell of a trip!!
The tallest falls in the world, shared by two country ( Brasil and Argentina), a stone throw aways from Panama. Definitely on of the main sight in South America region. Dont ask me how could it be so interesting to see a waterfall. I can tell immediately you have not seen one, at least not a big one. Gosh.. its simply fascinating.. a nature show which is continuosly changing.. always impressive.. always spectacular. One can never doubt the power of nature.

Went to both the Brasil and Argentina side. Both are cool and with theirs own specialities but i personally prefered the Argentina view. There is various walkway w

hich allowed you to go very near the the falls and enjoyed a closed look of the giant water screens. The sound of the tumbling water, the tremble of the earth, the water mist forming, the colors of the ever-flowing white water silk, the rainbow srrounding the falls.. all reminds me of how small human being are comparing to the greatness of mother nature. Will the next next next generation able to see this?? I cant answer to this question.. but i for sure noe how blessed i'm, having a chance to witness this.

Enjoy the pixs!!!

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