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After all these years...

Date : Saturday, October 21, 2006
Time : 5:04 PM

.. wat had actually changed?

I dont know either, ya.. it has been a long time since the last hearty chat.
i reckon i m not those who can actually open up my heart and just blurt out watever thots running in my mind.. And u r the one who actually made me realise this.. Still rem many yrs ago, inside the classroom near little canteen? I m glad i have known you.

I think i m having the Quarter-Life-Crisis, standing at the cross-road not knowing which direction to head...
feeling "not good enough" because
one can't find a job that is at his/her academic/intellectual level
frustration with relationships, the working world, and finding a suitable job or career
confusion of identity
insecurity regarding the near future
insecurity regarding present
re-evaluation of close
interpersonal relationships
disappointment with one's job
nostalgia for
university or college life
tendency to hold stronger opinions
with social interactions
financially-rooted stress
to have children

Except for the last two, i think i hit the nails on the heads of most the descriptions listed.
The rat race is kinda tiring, perhaps i should stop finding a goal but to sit down and set a goal? And as we reluctantly push forward to the precipice of the big 3-0, (well.. eventhou i still got a palm of fingers to go) many of us eventually fall at the altar of Botox, form an obsessive Madonna-like yoga habit/complex, and swear off carbs for life.

I mean.. i should have been satisfied by the current situation, i hv a job to keep me surviving, tons of opp to travel, i m pampered by the people ard me, i hv no prob making new frens at the same time maintaining my old circles of frens.. but where is this lifestyle leading me to. And wat is really waiting for me at the end of the road?

Or perhaps wat i need most now is just my fluffy Zico getting into my face the first thing in the morning and set a smile on me. . Puppy 1


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Witness Statement for After all these years...
Girl, your big sister had been there and done that.
I know exactly how you feel and worry not, i assure you it is just normal and most of us will need to go through this path of life. Yes, a goal is needed but no need to force yourself to it. It will come when it is time, and you will know when to grab the chance. You are a smart girl and i believe you shall always stay as happy as we want you to be.
  • Statement made at 2:41 PM | By Anonymous BigSister

hey, thanks.

The amount of time spent in quiet contemplation of the current state of my life seems to be paying dividends. I guessed i have finally being able to pinpoint what is the cause of this whole lots of frustration. Stagnation apparently. The lack of any real purpose.The lack of pursuits beside work and sleep, sleep and work. Might be due to the sudden freetime i have after surviving thru such a tense schedule. I bet a Salsa dance would do me good. =)

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