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The dream i had ..

Date : Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Time : 8:48 AM

woke up feeling groggie todae.

i had a dream, cant rem the details, but i rem seeing my dear Larry carrying his grandson, surfing to the wide blue sea in his own yacht.

Heee.. how weird. The last time i checked Larry's two son have not marry yet!! Keke... Can aniebodi tell me wat does this means??

My colleague plucked some fresh-from-the tree 'Acerola' for us. He got a big Acerola tree in his house. A unique looking fruit, i bet its some distant relatives of miss cherrie and mr blueberry. Only available in south america, i guess. Its as much sour as sweet in flavor, with 3 to 4 hard seed inside its tiny body. According to my colleague, it is always make into nutricious juices due to its huigh vit C contents. Nice!!


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Witness Statement for The dream i had ..
i bet u must have carrying a torch for L's son subsconciously. =>

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