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Falls Iguazu

Date : Friday, October 13, 2006
Time : 12:04 PM

Hehe.. had been MIA for quite a while huh....

I bet u can guess wat i m gonna say. Yupe... i m super duper busy.. so busy till no time to go toilet. =P

Well.. like the saying goes.. all work and no play make zeezee a dull gal. I worked extremely hard, so i guessed i should be awarded by a breakaway ya!

Some flashback to share...

Trip to Falls Iguazu during the weekend of 14-17 of September

Its damn cool man.. i assured you, this is really one hell of a trip!!
The tallest falls in the world, shared by two country ( Brasil and Argentina), a stone throw aways from Panama. Definitely on of the main sight in South America region. Dont ask me how could it be so interesting to see a waterfall. I can tell immediately you have not seen one, at least not a big one. Gosh.. its simply fascinating.. a nature show which is continuosly changing.. always impressive.. always spectacular. One can never doubt the power of nature.

Went to both the Brasil and Argentina side. Both are cool and with theirs own specialities but i personally prefered the Argentina view. There is various walkway w

hich allowed you to go very near the the falls and enjoyed a closed look of the giant water screens. The sound of the tumbling water, the tremble of the earth, the water mist forming, the colors of the ever-flowing white water silk, the rainbow srrounding the falls.. all reminds me of how small human being are comparing to the greatness of mother nature. Will the next next next generation able to see this?? I cant answer to this question.. but i for sure noe how blessed i'm, having a chance to witness this.

Enjoy the pixs!!!

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