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Esta chovendo..

Date : Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Time : 4:28 PM

It is raining... from morning till now..

Rio's weather is as unpredicatable as the highness's mood swing.

Yesterday and the day before we were still kaopeh-ing abt the burning sun, todae the whole city is flooded by the big downpour. Temperature drops rapidly from 30 C to 20 C.

Boss goes Angra todae. Hv to go back by Ferry. In fact, i do enjoy taking the ferry. Watching the people, breathing the Carioca's air, crunching the pipoca while strolling back to the apartment. However, this is all subject to the weather condition and definitely not on a rainy evening like this.

Had finished most of my assigned task, hence rather eng eng cheng cheng these days.
Did some touch-up here n there on my blog( as you can see) , and even managed to log in for more than one time within a day. =P

Was surfing the net to do some research on Lasik, accidentally came across a thread abt plastic surgery heatingly discussed in a forum. Am really surprise to find out there is actually so many SG gals bravely opt for operation to change/enhance their physical looks. Thot of Dawn Yang(Yeo) , who once created a blogging craze by making herself uber sexy thru severe PS. If one is to be the walking advertisement of PS in SG, it has to be her. I had to say i admire these gals' courage but i cant help wondering is it really worth the risk? Afterall.. we are not looking for someone who care abt our look but someone who really understand us. I guess the society plays a part as well. In a perfect world, women might be judged solely by our wits and wisdom, however, the ugly truth is: obesity is a sin, looks do count and it really matters.

Alan shared with me an encounter of his the other day. There was this gal who is a little bit at the plump side came interview for a post in his company. The only comment made by his boss was: 'Aiya.. we got to spent more on the food if we employ her.'

We live in a world where we can change nearly everything. No feeling towards your spouse? File a Divorce. Hate that job which you think you are being underpaid? Resign and Get a new one. Your big nose, fat cheeks, sagging fanny? PS does the trick. Unfortunately our desire for radical change may lead to deeper problems. PS may simply be a Band-Aid covering an insecurity that will simply find a new mask to hide behind after a so-called problem gets fixed.

I always believe in this, when you are confident, you shall look great.
Time to go home, Tciao..

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