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Current Location: Samba Land, SA.

Current Deed: Job Assignment in Brasil.

Devilish Indulgence: sleeping / travelling ard the world / good movies / good books / playing wif cammie / ice-cream n chocolate / retail therapy / exploring & experiencing new things / falling in love / rolling with zico / singing in the shower

Expertise: sleeping / eating / self-encouraging / forgetting names / losing things / procrastinating / lending a listening ears / bullying zico / shopping

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New Colleagues

Date : Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Time : 3:19 PM

The project i am involving now is still under bidding phrase. The other party of the consortium has mobilised its rep today. There are two of them, Lazlo who is a very experienced, wise looking old man, and Maria Fernanda a thirty-one yr old young lady. So from today onwards, they shall be my new colleagues! And finally, Steven n i had to move down to 9th floor to join the procurement team. I m not alone anymore.. but well.. hehe.. i started missing my little room with lotsa privacy now.


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Date : Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Time : 2:27 AM

Yikes.. I had a bad nite.
Seriously... I think i really cant work wif him.
This is ored the 3rd time!!
I was drifting toward the slumber land..and my cellphone rang in the middle of nite. I thot wat's happening, and its HIM again!! Telling me a very simple thing which is not urgent at all.
I was SOOO frustrated dat i wish i could have shouted at him n told him off dat i m not selling my life to the company. I noe he always works late n sleeps late. But i m not a nocturnal animal as he is. He is not my boss anywhere, but u noe me.. i just cant bring myself to spit out the harsh words.

And now.. i am having an insomnia after the call.. sitting in front of my IBM, penning down my feeling.
I guessed i m getting emotional again. This is the first time i felt homesick ever since i came here.
Just now while having dinner @ Chinatown, Jim and Pauline were talking abt the ending of their work assignment. Pauline is planning to further her study hence an early release from her secondment will be great for her. Jimmy too is going back by Jan '07. I felt a bit down coz everybody seems so eager to go home.. and soon i shall be here all alone.

And now... after receiving his call in the middle of nite, it made me miss Larry n the rest more... Wat the hell m i doing here, torturing myself? I m having such a fun n colorful life in SG!! I hate to work with somone who is so inconsiderate and demanding... and seriously.. my tear almost rolled down when i thot of this.. But hey... i noe i wont be growing up if i cant overcome this. We are bound to meet all sort of ppl in this world esp in working life, and this is just peanut comparing to the real jerk! He is a nice guy afterall, just too engross and nervous when it comes to work.

Haiz.. wat to do. Better get a sleep b4 its too late.. Tomorrow will be a better day!!


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White Raddish Soup

Date : Sunday, May 28, 2006
Time : 8:03 PM

Went for workout early in the morning, took a stroll along the street and had my breakfast in one of the bakery near my apartment. Ham n cheese croissant + hot choc. I was enjoying the view outside the bakery.

Lost in thought while looking at the dog owners, walking their pups along the street.Thinking of Zico again. He definitely shall enjoy this place. Hee.. speak of the devil..the devil came, while i m sipping my hot choc.. mum called and i had a nice conversation wif her n Zico. Haaa.. well.. not really a conversation thou, basically Zico was just listening to me thru the speaker phone.

Went to Sam's club in the afternoon.
See wat Jimmy got for me from Sam's Club!!

Hurray.. after more than a month of searching up n down. finally found a MOP in Rio!
I wonder why is it so difficult to get one in Brazil, mm... the ppl here dun mop the floor?? *Ponder*

We got lucky again!! Big Chef Jim cooked us a white raddish + pork rib soup.. Yummie!! Hot soupie stuff is simply a luxury in this cold weather. I m quite sure i shall have a SWEET dreamz tonite!

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Nasi Lemak!

Date : Saturday, May 27, 2006
Time : 9:46 PM

Woke up early today.. made up the house.. fixed myself a breakfast, went to laundry then go shopping at Niteroi Plaza. Bot myself a sunglasses again! Cool

It just dawned upon me dat i got this freaky addiction toward sunglasses, esp aviator design. Sometime i think i just cant live without my the sunnies. Stepping out the house without one on the face or inside the bags is like going cold turkey. Its such a cool invention to hide my puffy eyes and swollen eye bags esp during those 'i-m-feelin' ugly' days. Best camouflage ever!!Without 2nd doubt, its my fave accessory ( prob i shouldn't call it an 'accessory' judging its importance to me).

i din bring cellphone with me which caused quite a shock to Pauline n Jimmy when they couldn't locate me. So sorrie..

Jimmy Chef showed off his skill todae!! Hee.. its always one of my good days when he decided to spend his afternoon in the kitchen. Pauline n i were invited to his place for Nasi Lemak. Whew- whee!! Its finger lickin' GOOD!!! Cant believe i can still enjoy this TERRIFIC taste when i m sooo far away from SG. Suddenly i felt i m at home again... Thanks a zillion, Big Chef Jim!!

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Mauricio Bday Party

Date : Friday, May 26, 2006
Time : 11:45 PM

Look @ my newly done French Manicure during lunch! Brazilian ladies are real addicts to manicure.. nine out of ten cant leave the house without their nails painted nicely. The Salon is just a few mins walk from my office. It was unbelievably inexpensive, just R$9 for French Manicure, R$7 for normal manicure. However, the service quality wasnt dat fantastic, limited design compared to BKK & SG, and wat worst is the hygiene control. I doubt i will ever step into this Salon again. Actually there is one just beside the apartment that i stay, Dawn n Pauline went there b4 and i was told its not bad a choice. Mmm.. shall give it a try next time.

Its Friday again!! Today is a little special, we are having an advance birthday party for Mauricio! The party is held at a restaurant at Lapa, an area famous for its pubs and re
staurants. Brazilian will find all sort of excuses for partying, and they will just sit there .. keep talking n drinking.. and frens are welcome to bring their own frens. Hence the party normally start late and end very very very late. At the end of the party, one will have to judge how many drinks or finger food he/she has ordered, and then pay accordingly. Oh.. ya.. the guys will be very happy to hear this. In Brazil. its not an obligation for guys to pay for the ladies, its very fair, everybody go dutch.

We got Mauricio a DVD player and he LUVs it!!Its a rockingly FUN nite. We were so noisy and the atmosphere gets even higher when everyone has had a few caipirinha. I am drinking fine after 5 caipirinhas Jimmy ordered for me. CK was hahhaa.. totally gone.. n it was rather amused looking at him n Beatrice. Well.. i got a bit worried thou since he is going to drive us home later. Oh

CK asked me whether party in SG is still the same. I got a bit emotional. Thot of Kate, SY, Olivia, Sharry n etc.. miss those days when we CHIONG till late nite n still has the energy to work the following day. These bunch of people are really one hell of colleagues. they are the one who brought me to pubs, jio me clubbing, and made me realise dat colleagues can be more than just working partners, but drinking kakis n real frens. You guys out there, if you're reading this, make sure that we are going to have another CHILL nite out when i get back, alrite? Miss you all.. MUAKS!!~

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I'm In Love

Date : Thursday, May 25, 2006
Time : 2:00 PM

Had lunch @ 'Spoleto' the Italian Restaurant.

You get one sticker for every order and entitled to exchange for a plate specially designed for the World Cup Season after collecting 8 stickers. Mmm.. i shall probably have salad/pasta for the rest of the weeks if i were to get one.

I'm falling in love!!! Insanely in love with the heavenly hot chocolate @ Mopenhagen!
The freshly made hot choc so rich.. so smooth.. so delicate.. so warm.. and so speechless... I feel like a little gal for just one sip of it!! Could nvr nvr forget it since the 1st time i tasted it. You really hv to try it to believe how good it is!

Too bad they do not sell the chocolate powder or else i will ship one carton back to SG, i swear!

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Flowery Day

Time : 9:00 AM

Its Thurday again!! Thursday is always a good day.. (coz there is onli one more day to go before the week end) and i can get to see the Fresh mkt along the street near my office again. =)

Look at those fresh vege.. and fresh flower.. how lovely... they simply freshen up my day!!
I love the way the veges was arranged.. the way the stall holder called upon you wif his/her broad smile on the face even you din buy anything.. the way the OL picking and choosing the tomatos.. and in fact i love even the way the air smells of.

I bot myself a bundle of fuchsia gerbera and one stalk of white rose. I m not a flower fans but they are just too adorable to look at. Gave Dawn & Pauline 1 stalk each. I hope i brot a smile to them in this cold yet refreshingThursday.

The happiest people dont necesarily have everything, they simply utilize all the
potential in wat life has to offer.

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Date : Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Time : 10:42 PM

After a hell long of talking and doing nothing.. i finally went to the gym for a workout today.

Had not been really enjoying such a good exercise seeion after a long while. did some cardio n then some weight & sit-up. Now feeling hungry after a refreshing shower.

There is this
song that is totally driving me crazy! Heard it from a 'mercado livre' (Ebay Partner in Brazil -solely for Latin Community) tv commercial. The commercial ad is soo cute.. and the tune of the theme song attracts my attention in the first place. The lyrics of the song goes like this..

Someone is there Waiting for my song
I am only looking For someone who sings along
When all my dreams Finally reach yours
We will up rise And maybe find the world true love

Did a google search, real happi to know dat there are many peoples out there looking for the same song. Hahaa.. great mind thinks alike. Baby Smiley Tammy may have once again made the internet a darker place, but one can never deny the usefulness of it as a tool of mass communication.

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Mexican Dinner

Date : Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Time : 11:25 PM

Jimmy suggested to go for Mexican food @ Rio Sul - a huge shopping plaza(one of the best) in Rio. The restaurant is located in the foodcourt but the quality of food is worth trying.

Came across a small Hard Rock outlet before dinner, and each of us bot some stuff. Kee.. dun forget dat i've got plenty of space in my wardrobe now. =)

I had chicken Taco. Guess i am too hungry so i finished the food within a blink while the rest were still enjoying their quesadilla and burrito.Dear Steven was soo sugar sweet to buy us the dinner. Yea!

:: HOME ::

Sh*t!! I forgot to shut the windows before i went out this morning. It has been raining since morning till now so u can imagine how wet the floor is. I'm deadbeat by now.. after cleaning the room. zzzZZZ...

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Judgement Day

Date : Monday, May 22, 2006
Time : 10:39 PM

Deng.. Deng.. Deng.. Deng....

Its judgement day!! Lets see how the pudding turns out!

Cool huh?! Three big cheers to us! HIP HIP HURRAY!
Pauline took our 'baby' product to the office, and our colleagues love it.
They said we now hve the cert to get married. Ha!! Wat a compliment.

The weather is soo nice these days dat i could nvr get up in time to prepare breakfast.
Today i joined Jimmy for his daily breakfast at one of the little shop near our office.

I had bread aka pau + ham aka presunto + egg aka ovo (R$3). DELICIOUS and filling. A great start of the day!! Took some photo for sharing, at the expense of being laf by the Brazilian for being such a gringa (foreigner). =P

:: Nite ::

CK went to a vendor's plant in Niteroi, hence we had to Ferry back. Hahaa.. i m kinda excited as i had been wanting to try out the ferry aka aerobarcas aka air boat. I was told it took less than twenty mins from Rio to Niteroi, yet we nvr fail to spend more than an hr in car stuck in traffic jam everyday after work traveling by the 4-wheels.

We have to take a cab to the Ferry terminal and then buy a tix of R$5 for the Jumbo Boat. The platform was sooo shaky that i almost thot i got seasickness. The ferry is really huge. So huge until i cant feel it was moving.. Just when i finally asked how come the boat was not moving.. We ored reached our destination. A new experience sia. Cruising

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Sunday's Deluxe Indulgence

Date : Sunday, May 21, 2006
Time : 9:16 PM

Hurray. after a week of uncontrollable craving, we finally revisit the Japanese restaurant 'Farani'!! Oooh.. how i miss the salmon special sashimi and salmon skin sushi and my fave ebikko!!!!! Ooops..sorrie.. I'm drooling. =P

Very very filling.. and very very satisfied.. At this rate of eating, i will hv no doubt putting on weight veri veri fast too. Mmm... Must start exercise!! Thinking of dat, i had been a typical couch potato for a year. Sucks.

Intend to catch 'Davincci Code' at Plaza after lunch. Yet we cant get th e slot dat suits us, just too bad. Next week perhaps. Actually do not hv a veri high expectation, coz i enjoyed the book sooo much which i disbelieve a 90 mins movie could outshine it.

Guess wat we did instead?!! Hahaa.. 3 clumsy gal trying to bake a simple pudding!! Well.. Pauline was the mastermind cum master chef whereby Dawn n I were just following watever instruction given by our lady chief. Keekeee.. we shall see how it turns out tmr!!

Recipe of Pauline's Pudding
1. Prepare the mixture.
1 can of condense milk
2 can of milk
3 eggs
stir and beats the pudding mix.
2. Mix half a cup of sugar with water and stir it on the stove
until it turns slightly brownish.
3. Give our Brazilian colleague Claudia a cal to make sure the
procedure are correct.
(This is verii IMPORTANT!)
4. Pour the syrup into the container, let it cool down.
5. Pour in the pudding mix.
6. Put the pudding mix container into a shallow basin of water
then leave it in the oven for 1 hr.
7. Let it cool down
8. Put in the fridge
9. Done!!!

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Date : Saturday, May 20, 2006
Time : 9:27 PM

Kewl.. Kewl.. Kewl... Cool

My dayout to
Petropolis!! Heard from Larry for SOOOO many times, finally i got a chance to witness its beauty with my own eyes. It's a city in the mountains, located abt one and a half hr drive from Rio.

The journey itself was quite a highlight of the trip. The car followed a one way highway up to the mountains and the other highway when we came down. The road twisted and winded its way up through the lush, verdant forest known as the 'Serra de Orgoas'. The scenery was dramatic with one side of the highway dropping away steeply. Sitting on the left hand side of the bus on the way up afforded me the best view.I am quite sure at one stage this tropical rainforest covered most of the hills all around including Rio itself. Too bad, i couldnt stop by the roadside to take a photo for your viewing pleasure.

Besides of the breath-taking drive, Petropolis which is known as the Imperial city, used to be the holiday resort where the Emperor, his family and his court went to escape the summer heat in the 1800's. There are many museums and residences of the Royal family that you can visit in the town including the Cathedral and the Imperial museum. It gives a glimpse into life during the the 19th century, well... life of the rich of course.

However... we din go to any of these tourist attraction coz our stomach are grumbling for hunger. The old birds brot me to a very nice restaurant facing the Imperial Museum, called Lago Sul Churrascaria. There, we were served very nice foods (well.. the evidence is obvious from the approving look of the guys), (free-flow...!!) AND the ambience was so rockin'ly fantastic. Can u imagine facing the lagoon while drinking a glass of
caipirinha (Brazil Signature Alcoholic Drinks, as popular and well-known as to our 'Singapore Sling')? whew!!! Whistle
Ooh.. ya.. hvn I mentioned the heavenly, wickedly, sinfully, no-reason-to-reject dessert! (*Slurp*)

The most interesting and famous piece of fact of this city is its distinguish climate. However, i din get the experience of it as its rather shiny this afternoon. I heard Petropolis is a favorite weekend getaway for Cariocas(means Rio residents), esp in the summer to escape the heat and humidity of the city, or in the fall and winter for a chance to experience "really cold" weather, wear winter clothes, eat fondue, and sit by the fireplace. People also flock here to visit the Rua Teresa, the so-called best shopping street in Brazil. This is becoz the area around Petrópolis has many textile factories, and the Rua Teresa has become the prime retail and wholesale outlet for cotton and knitwear at unbelievably low prices.

Well... Pls dun hold my words as the bible 'coz Pauline and I do hv our bad experience. We sure had a GREAT shock after trying our luck in one small outlet. The clothes there were nothing special but the price tags were absurdly ridiculous even to look at!! As if its carrying those branded stuff like AX, Zara or brand of that range.. Arrgh.. thou i m quite well-known of my weakness for nice clothing, this is still too irrational to spent R$80 on a normal top. As a conclusion, the shopping spree wasnt dat fantastic, leaving me absolutely sweaty, foot-crampy and grumpy.

Disclamer: For complete set of pic taken @ Petropolis, it's just a click away. (Seen the Flickr badge at the right column of this blog? Thats it man!!)

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Round Table Dinner at Chinese Association Again..

Date : Friday, May 19, 2006
Time : 9:29 PM

My first official meeting after three weeks. Well.. looks like there gonna be a hard time ahead.

My 2nd visit to Chinese Association. After twenty-sixth days in Rio, i came to learnt dat we onli go have two places for chinese dinner, either 'Chinatown' or 'chinese Association'. Limited choice, i bet u 'll say. but sometimes in life u just cant ask for too much.. Making A Wish

We had a big round table this time, cause we got more people tonite. KC is back from Angra for this morning meeting, and with Steve, Chen Ying and Edward joining us for dinner, we got nine people and its a great one!! I enjoyed the food and the chit-chat session after dinner. The more people the merrier. Like wat Jimmy always said, we are like a big family while we are all away from SG. Family Portrait

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