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Mauricio Bday Party

Date : Friday, May 26, 2006
Time : 11:45 PM

Look @ my newly done French Manicure during lunch! Brazilian ladies are real addicts to manicure.. nine out of ten cant leave the house without their nails painted nicely. The Salon is just a few mins walk from my office. It was unbelievably inexpensive, just R$9 for French Manicure, R$7 for normal manicure. However, the service quality wasnt dat fantastic, limited design compared to BKK & SG, and wat worst is the hygiene control. I doubt i will ever step into this Salon again. Actually there is one just beside the apartment that i stay, Dawn n Pauline went there b4 and i was told its not bad a choice. Mmm.. shall give it a try next time.

Its Friday again!! Today is a little special, we are having an advance birthday party for Mauricio! The party is held at a restaurant at Lapa, an area famous for its pubs and re
staurants. Brazilian will find all sort of excuses for partying, and they will just sit there .. keep talking n drinking.. and frens are welcome to bring their own frens. Hence the party normally start late and end very very very late. At the end of the party, one will have to judge how many drinks or finger food he/she has ordered, and then pay accordingly. Oh.. ya.. the guys will be very happy to hear this. In Brazil. its not an obligation for guys to pay for the ladies, its very fair, everybody go dutch.

We got Mauricio a DVD player and he LUVs it!!Its a rockingly FUN nite. We were so noisy and the atmosphere gets even higher when everyone has had a few caipirinha. I am drinking fine after 5 caipirinhas Jimmy ordered for me. CK was hahhaa.. totally gone.. n it was rather amused looking at him n Beatrice. Well.. i got a bit worried thou since he is going to drive us home later. Oh

CK asked me whether party in SG is still the same. I got a bit emotional. Thot of Kate, SY, Olivia, Sharry n etc.. miss those days when we CHIONG till late nite n still has the energy to work the following day. These bunch of people are really one hell of colleagues. they are the one who brought me to pubs, jio me clubbing, and made me realise dat colleagues can be more than just working partners, but drinking kakis n real frens. You guys out there, if you're reading this, make sure that we are going to have another CHILL nite out when i get back, alrite? Miss you all.. MUAKS!!~

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