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Crime Paradise

Date : Thursday, December 28, 2006
Time : 5:18 PM

Rio hit by gang attack again last nite. It was reported that the series of attacks were planned from jail by the gang leaders. At least 12 police stations and police posts were attacked with automatic fire and grenades; 4 buses were burnt; and gunmen were reported to stopped the firemen from getting close to the scene. This wave of bloodshedding violence were finally put to an end this morning but the deaths and injured had casted a dark shadow to all residents and tourists who rushed to the city in preparation of the yr end firework party at Copacabana's beach cum Black Eyed Peas live concert.

Be frank, i am kinda scared after reading the news. Imagine u worked in sucha city and the tragedies occurred at your usual hangout places. On one hand, I am glad dat i wasnt any where near the scene, on the other hand I feel a deep sorrow for this city of which I hv stayed for more than 7 mths.

The mafia rampage is no longer a news to the residents in Brazil. The corruption, the poverty, the social inequality which leads to endless violence attack in the past years. All of this has become almost normal, something the people want to stop, but in front of which they feel powerless. Hence, life carries on. And in the center of the city, the culture of Rio continues: the concerts at Teatro Municipal, the sunbathing on the beaches, the endless parties and nothing can stop a soccer game in Maracana.

Brazil could really be a paradise to stay if the crime and violence aint pulling the country from its potential. This is a problem which cant be solved in years, and a worry that cant be eased by praying. I am only hoping that no more tragedy shall fall upon the innocence and helpless people before the new year come. Sad but true, until the political will can be found to tackle the root of all problem, this 'social civil war' seems set to continue.

Update: Just when i finish writing this entry and abt to pack and go home, I am told by my colleagues that another bus was set into fire in Niteroi (near the place where I stay). Haiz.. scary sia. Still hv to take ferry and go home now.

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Witness Statement for Crime Paradise
take care yourself fren, be very alert ya !

be very very very very careful, ok?
why dont you just come back to papa now?
  • Statement made at 9:48 AM | By Anonymous JJ

Take care of urself, dont run here run there ya? I 'll pray for you..
  • Statement made at 8:57 AM | By Anonymous Chris

hey pals, thanks!
I 'll be careful.
Thnx for all the concern n msgs =)

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