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Trout Hunting

Date : Saturday, July 15, 2006
Time : 12:12 PM

We missed the trout at Itaipava too much... hence Five warriors decided to triumph their way up to the hill again in search of the legendary trout.

The food was still nice.. the almond flakes and the fresh trout were a perfect match in heaven!

After the super duper lengthy lunch, we drove by to Araras Pousada, the one that we stayed over the weekends three weeks ago. (Remember the Sakura??!!)

With wistful hopes, we were actually looking forward to a welcoming scene of a mountain full of Sakura. Bad outsome, the whole place was still beautiful.. but not even a tint of pink. It was peacefully green.. a total green.

I cant help to feel how lucky we were the other time. We hit the rite time and rite spot without pre-planning. On the other hand, I cant help but to feel the lost.

Then I finally realized, just like the transience of life, the appeal of the sakura goes beyond their evident beauty. It lies in the fact that the flowers are only in full bloom for a few days. The real "moment" of hanami is not so much looking at the flowers on the tree but watching with a tinge of sadness as they fall from the tree, flutter in the spring breeze on their short journey to the cold earth below. It's a beautiful but melancholy reminder that all life must come to an end. Hence, we should really treasure what we have now but not to be regret over what you had lost, time is too short for us to be remorseful all the time.

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