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1 Litre of Tears 1リットルの涙

Date : Friday, January 05, 2007
Time : 1:55 PM

Cozzie marathon Jap dorama slumber party with Haagen-Daz ice-cream n pigging out. Finished watching Jap Drama Series 'Ichi Rittoru no Namida' aka 1 Litre of Tears' last nite together wif Ms PP. Not a new show, prob a yr ago. I always find out the good stuff when it becomes far less accessible. But at least i find out abt it =P, thanks in no small part to wonderful INTERNET. My strong recommendation: dun ever watch it the nite b4 an important meeting/date unless u dun mind a pair of puffy eyes.

For those who hvn watched, A lil' intro of this dorama. Based on a true story, '1 Litre of Tears' is about the life story of Kitou Aya-a girl who was diagnosed with an incurable disease called 'Spinocerebellar Degeneration Disease' at a young age of 15. A disease which caused her to lose her balance, coordination and speech, and eventually bed-ridden with almost no ability to do anything. However, Aya gradually learnt to accept the cruelty of life and fought it with dignity together with the suppport of her families, frens n bfs. While struggling and fighting with her disease, she wrote her deepest thoughts in diary form till the last day she could hold a pen. Her diary “1 Litre of Tears” was published after her death, because of its inspiring and courageous message:“Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing.” So far, over 18,000,000 copies of her diary have been sold.

I still remember vividly how we used to stay up late in the hostel during uni days watching Jap doramas. As heart wrenching and tear-jerking as most Japanese dorama is, this dorama however kinda set me in an inspirational mood. To tell the truth, i had not been feeling this way for years. So many questions ponder in my lil' head.. Will my family bond strong enuff to deal wif sth like dis? Will I ever/ Have I already met someone like Asou-kun who will stay by my side despite all illness? Will I be determined enuff to take care of my loved ones no matter what horrible things strike on him/her? Will my friends despise on me if I ever contracted a weird disease? Will I be wise n courageous enuff to come face to face with all odds in life? I reckon I gained some insights from the drama. However, how long can I retain the courage? Or m I just soak in the emotions until maybe a week, a month later b4 I jump out of it?

I do not hv answers to all my questions.. but one thing for sure: I will keep on reminding myself not to take things for granted. I used to appreciate simple things in life but along the course I no longer luf as heartily and i no longer cry as contentedly.. Through all this year of tripping and stumbling, i wonder have i grow wiser or have i lost myself? Regrets not, I only have one life. So here I go: My resolutions of 2007 - to be a better person, to self-reflect more, to love wholeheartedly, to be more forgivings and less demanding. Another better 5 yrs?

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