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So bored!!

Date : Monday, July 09, 2007
Time : 1:36 PM

I am given one whole week outpatient sick leave. However, i am doing absolutely nothing at home. My dad will start lecturing whenever he see me watching TV while Mum will start nagging the moment i on my laptop. I cant do my reading either as i cant focus well especially near-reading.

So the only entertainment i have is playing wif Zico, which i think he is getting too much of me and he is sick of my presence now. He doesnt want to play catch animore and all he want is his afternoon nap. =( Went out yesterday fisrt time after surgery. Had dinner and ice-cream with Kate, Bear and Alan. Even thou lighting in the shopping centre was still too glaring for my eyes, no doubt i need to stick to the sunglasses indoor like a f*ck-up celebrity-wanna-be, I just cant tell you how WONDERFUL it felt, to be able to see clearly without the aid of any hard or soft lenses. Almost felt like having granted a 2nd life. Well, a miracle which costed me a few thousand buck thou.

Oops.. mum is coming, gotta go! Some photos to share:

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Witness Statement for So bored!!
Can't watch TV, Can't use laptop? WAH.... I'll die lor.

Take this opportunity to rest and relax at home. You gonna miss these days when you are back to work.

Rest well!

Take good care of those eyes... they are pretty sensitive during this period. Let's see when I can get mine done, so sick of wearing lenses.

lovelly dogggg ohhhhh get well soon for the surgery!

Haha =) DK, i m ored dying. Thats y i m stealthily logging on again.


true enuff, ts a nice opportunity to stay at home, helping out my dad n mum in the shop and spending more time wif my family =)

ya.. i hv been very careful with those eyes these days except for the occasionally blogging session.
u wearing lenses too?? Mm... will let u noe hows the results of LASIK.
I can give u all the infos i hv if u need.
btw, hopefully to hv u back at ur musing room soon.

soul&body, thanks for the get well note! Hehe.. the cute doggy: its my precious Zico!

fwah..people got perfect eyesight now man..woohoo!! congrats man..

I rem a friend of mine got pretty emotional after the surgery..knowing that he can see properly without glasses...keke..


I'm already back and writing. Haha.

Actually I also know where and who to look for. One of my ex-gf had both her eyes done. I don't mind additional info when the time comes though. ;)

Oh yea, when move to East side can see girls clearer. LOL!

Finally get to see you updating your blog. Hope the eyes are fine now. Get well soon.

Ahhh... being on MC is always a bittersweet feeling. Its sweet to be at home and resting and doing nothing. Its bitter to feel bored or lousy or too weak to do anything substantial.

Hmmmm.. I didn't know that Lasik could be that serious but I guess you need the recovery period for your eyes. BTW, are you back in Singapore for good?

hahaha, same case here before. 3 days not touching the PC at all, no TV as well! not even outing! really a suffered 3 days...

and the following weeks have to live the life as Baja Hitam all the teim :P


Jason, i m not so emo lar.. But its true of wat they said: its feels like getting a new lease of life. Costed me a Macbook man.. gotta treasure these eyes for sure.

Endoh, so u ored recovered from the post-chinese-songs-syndromes. okie.. gotta check out ur rantings then =)

EastCoastLife, hows life at eastcoast?? =)
Sure do, sure so. see ya(blog) soon!

CoolInsider, hehe.. how true, my MC tasted like an intoxicating coffee if i may say so.

I love being able to sip my tea while flipping tru the newspaper even thou i can only read the headline; i love playing catch with Zico even thou i cant hug him near my face yet; i love listening to my mum's nagging even thou its sounded quite dreadful sometime. =)

Lasik isnt so serious a surgery, just me being KIASU. =P Gotta take care of those window to my soul.

Wahaha... yipguseng, absolutely true!! =) i m waiting.. waiting eagerly!!

thanks Sailorgirl! =)

fwah..Zee..if you look at it 5 years from now...ur MacBook will be dead but ur eyes..fwah..solid..still can see clear clear..clearer than the white of the MacBook...eh..unless u are getting the black one...keke :P

Hmm, make sense make sense... Haha.. make me feel my money was spent wisely n worthworthy!

haha. you do look like a classy celebrity there in that pic. good to hear that your sight is better and better.

Is that a miniature schnauzer I just saw? Sooooo cute. My mini schnauzer is at home with my dad and mum. Miss my dog...:* ...errr also my dad and mum lah, if they don't nag at me so much ;p

Congrats to your LASIK decision. I had that one too, 3 years ago in Singapore.

Best thing I ever did - never 'looked' back.

Enjoy your new views and all the best for your travels and ventures! ;-)

Cheers from Bali,

Life is what you make it!

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