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LASIK surgey - Day 2

Date : Friday, July 06, 2007
Time : 10:48 PM

Woke up wif a better vision, my right eye vision is much clearer then. and that was certainly a boost of spirit!

My left eye with astigmatism was scheduled for operation early in the morning. The procedure was similar as yesterday. However, the doctor had to draw marking in my eyes using a tiny pen pre-surgery. The thot of having someone using a pen poking into my eye sounded pretty eerie but its actually painless. I was quite nervous and scared still but mentally prepared. Hence the whole surgery seemed to be shorter and more bearable. this time, doctor no longer crying for bleeding. That certainly eased my thumping heart. I remained absolutely still thruout the whole surgery as instructed and was quite relief when the doctor finally blurted out the word 'DONE!'

Whew.. the toughest part already past! Now i can sleep well and eat well even though i have to take extra care of my eyes. There shall be no rubbing of the eyes, no eye makeup, no water, shampoo or soap near the eyes for a week and absolutely no swimming for at least two weeks. However, there shall be no more fumbling of glasses in the dark, no more uncomfortable contact lens, and no more blurry harry when i go for swimming!! Thats kinda cool, isnt it?? Both my eyes can see clearer now! Life had nvr looked any better than this, Wahaha!!


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Witness Statement for LASIK surgey - Day 2
Yours seems to be typical for Lasik surgery. The blood vessels in your corneas (clear front of eye) can be due to extensive contact lens use. With Lasik and without contact lenses, the blood vessels may disappear.

Glenn Hagele

I am not a doctor.

=) thanks for sharing the information.

and no exercise, no jumping, no running. Take good care of ur eyes from now on loh ;) it's really good to have b pure spectacles-less :P

well said yipguseng, yeah yeah.. its good to hv someone who can share my joy!!

I can't imagine that you went for lasik operation. I heard people saying that this operation has some degree of dangerous in there. Some people even have a poorer eyesight after the operation.
BTW, the only glasses I saw you wearing is sunglasses!

Hi Zeezee, congrates on you successful operation. I still don't have enough courage to do that.... sigh !!

=) it took me a lot of courage to go for the surgery.Anyway, still too soon to tell the result post-op. a bit worry still.
Keke.. there r some pic of mine wif glasses on my blog. Actually i kinda like the way i look wif spc on. but wearing glasses is not very convenient esp whe i go swimming, clubbing, onboard the rig etc.. I dun really like wearing contact lens as those soft lenses make my eyes weary and causes deeper eyering.
I can now see clearer without any lenses, so cross my finger and waiting for better news!


its rather scary & risky. Afterall its our eyes. cannot play play wif it. I m still wondering where my the courage came from.
Haha..i wont encourage anyone to do it if its not really necessary.

I am thinking about lasik as well but probably when i do not need to swim regularly

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