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Date : Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Time : 5:17 PM

I feel like my muscles are now all turning into fats...i haven't been able to exercise at all! Argh.

I feel like I'm imprisoned in the room. The sun is beaming out there, and the heat is sweltering.
I've taken to holing myself up in the room. The good thing is i hv been leading a very systematic life these few days. Wake up at 7am, sleep at 9pm. Take three meals a day at regular timings and instill eyedrops promptly.

Besides not being able to goto work, having some spare time of your own while everybody else is quite a blessing actually. I did so many things yesterday which i had been contemplating for months:

1. Woke up at seven am and had breakfast with my darling mum.
2. Bathed Zico. ( Well, mum did the job while i m just helping by looking. =P)
2. Finally got myself a queen size mattress and dumped the old single size mattress. We all deserve a good bed to sleep the night off and recuperate for a better tomorrow!
3. Went shopping w/ mummy and got her a new handphone.
4. Shopped for my new bedsheet/mattress protector/quilt/quilt cover/pillow/pillow cases & etc..
5. Had dinner wif dad/mum/dd/zico.

Ha.. i thot I can hear a collective gasp:" Thats sooooo normal!"
True enuff but all these are simple chores i have been missing for years-- some quality time spent with family. Suddenly a week of rest seems like a nice way to break the monotony of working life!


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Witness Statement for Cocooning
Seems like you have the entire week to thoroughly recharge yourself. Not a bad thing. I bet the bed haven't seem so nice and cosy for the longest time you have ever noticed?

it's a luxury u know...

Utterly right! Esp when i got a brand new bed to roll over and over on. =)

great to hear from u. =) Haha. i think so. U can definitely tell from my post.

keke..eh..u take leave or MC ah? ~snigger~ sounds like you got some time of your own to do some stuffs that you can't do while working..I know how that feels man...wahaha!!

If you feel so, just swim.. It'll be very effective to burn unwanted fat. Lol..
Anyway, You look beautiful in the photo with blue topless clothes. Pretty woman!


jason, MC lar.. i dun hv so many leave to spare. that will be a sin!! =P

Hihi curryegg, hows uni life?? =) Hving fun i can see..

Hmm.. bad bad.. no water sport for at least a month =( no chance to wear bikinis yet fats are creeping up. Oh oh..

So shiok..... I wish I can cocoon.... I feel more like a fluttering insect flying against many strong winds and escaping various air borne predators!

Hey cocooning is a good thing you know. In fact, it has been identified as one of the trends in the 21st century when people have to escape from the ravages of working and family commitment. Just go find a really good book from the library to cuddle up in bed with.

I dont know what happen to my last comment. Blogger is having PMS now looks like. It's nice to have some days off especially when you feel that you overworked yourself. I will be having my own holiday on August too, really look forward to it.

Hope you've recouvered well, ZeeZee!!!!

Love, from sunny Lisbon!!!

Did I just see silk around you?
Sometimes I need cocooning is a luxury. Need to have time to do that, and time is soooo precious nowadays.

Yoz... so how are your new eyes doing? :D

it's colld at australia, lazing in the house makes me fat as well

Hi Zeezee, what a week can thoo. Ha ha. I just came back from vacation/business. But seems like I could need a week off again doing the simple things you have done so far..he he.

BTW. I have tagged you. Read my latest post. It's to get to know some of the bloggers out there abit better. Salut! ^_^

time to leave the cocoon and write something...

Eversince I started working 2 years back, quality time with family are very out-of-the-normal for me too... So I totally understand what you mean in the last paragraph.

hope that u are doin well lately

You are welcome to participate in the second quiz with prize of Atlântico Azul!

do some stretching when you wake up is helping too, in maintaining your muscles

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