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Date : Saturday, February 10, 2007
Time : 1:14 PM

Was doing some spring cleaning on my pc, found the movie Apocalypto lying in a corner of my messy drive. Totally forgot i had downloaded this movie weeks ago. [well.. in fact I haven't watched a movie (in a cinema I mean) in eons, all the recent flicks were downloaded online, my bad.. my bad..]

Set aside my disappointment with Mel Gibson's
The Passion of the Christ, I personally enjoy this latest movie of his, in fact even more than the Leonardo Di Caprio vehicled Blood Diamond. The story is about an epic adventure of a young hunter-Jaguar Paw, which sets in the waning years of ancient Mayan civilization. With most events happened in the forest, which I initially thought it would be kinda boring, well surprisingly, it didn't. Turns out , it is outrageously entertaining and stunningly kinetic. (talk abt all the half-naked torsos!!) A full 139 mins of adrenaline rush.. for those who hvn watch it, WARNING AHEAD: faint heart pls beware of the bloody violence and gore(thou i find the brutal volence is needed and justified, hostory of ancient civilisation is always cruel), its definitely not a movie for the squeamish.

Despite all the criticisms of the movie's historical, cultural and scientifical inaccuracies, (as for me, i dun really care becoz everyone knows movies are fictions), one might be able to enjoy the show more by focusing on the frantic jungle chase. Its kinda inspiring watching the young hunter, Jaguar Paw running for his life; also how Seven, Jaguar's wife survive in the deep pit cave. Thou involving a few freakish act of nature, its nonetheless interesting to see how these simple, in-tune-with-the-earth native man & woman overcome their fears and exert their bravery and wisdom to the max.

The scene of the captives' gradual entry into the great and chaotic Maya City is brilliantly pictured. The plague that took away many lives, the slave market where the women are sold off and finally, the human sacrifice on the staggering central plaza, where the first thing seen is a freshly detached human head being bounced down the long steps of a towering pyramid toward a frenzied crowd below. It all tag with the central line shown at beginning of the show: "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." It is not always the conquerors from foreign lands who have caused the fall of a civilization/country. Most of the time, the civilization itself served as a precursor to its fall through its actions towards fellowmen and environment. Cant help but to ponder, are we doing justice to our planet and our fellowmen staying in the same globe? Is the rising global warming, increasing cases of disease a warning sign for US-the mighty civilised human??

The other astonishing factor is the cast. A huge bonus should be given to the casting director who tracks down all the roles from the main cast to the small fry. Notwithstanding the fantastic costumes, makeup, tatoo and hair designs, the greatest impression is made by the performers' faces, which are both superbly photogenic and exotic, yet paralyzingly bizarre and hard-to-forget.

In short, this is definitely an intense-packed movie which is ferocious and wild. Worth watching especially for those who go after action and thrill. Last but not least, i guess Mel Gibson should really spend more time behind the stage than creating headlines in front of the camera.


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Witness Statement for Apocalypto
Looks like a fab movie. I haven't watched a movie in ages too, though probably for different reasons. Just can't find the time on weekends and evenings to catch one.

good info zeezee! I like Mels films but havent a chance to watch the last few he has made starting from Passion to Apocalypto hope to have some time to watch them Sunday I am going to watch Hanibal Rising hope it is good..have a great weekend zeezee!

Hija ZeeZee!

Hehe, I felt a bit similar about Mel Gibson's last movies.

"Passion of Christ" was really a mystery to me. What so great about that movie? It's basically a gore feast, which wouldn't lead one any bit further to becoming a Christian or understanding the greatness of it all. What is so great about religion anyway? Except of being able to manipulate hordes of people in a big way over the last thousands of years.

But I liked Apocalypto a lot. It's different than the usual Hollywood Crap and touches somehow more into the human soul. Of me at least, hehe.

And Blood Diamonds is way overrated!


Thanks for your dedication and support as well!

Life is what you make it!

i hav downloaded it too but havent watch it, maybe tonite/tmrow nite just b4 i leave on tues nite

Hah! Great to hv some thinks alike opinion.

- Walter, movie tickest kinda of expensive during weekened. i do goto cinema in SG but seldom pay for myself hehe.. Here in BZ, it cost abt SGD10 to watch a movie in cinema, in Portuguese. so i guess downloading is better option for me.

- Aloha Roger, ooh 'Hannibal Rising' let me noe if its good. Enjoy ur weekend too!!

-Nomad, thanks for ur comments. Great minds think alike. BTW, i also wanna retire young!!

- Johnny, hehe.. we bad. we download, oops not that we want to, rite? I bet u r in a hyper mood now. So do I!! We r going home!!! Hurrae =D

I've seen this movie and i like it!

Welcome to Zynamic Gala, KMC!

woah..really got to check it out..I am not a movie type guy..which means I dun download them too...(lazy lah)..but this movie I really gotta watch...

eh..Zee..here in sg movie tics oso expensive too leh...like 9.50 for weekends...but in english lah..keke..:p

obviously not the best movie I've seen :P honestly I watched this movie by mistake. I thought that THIS movie was "300", the trailer I watched before. Thats why when I sat in the cinema, I just shock because they play the "300" trailer... :( and yeah... in my opinion this movie bad.. bad bad BAD... suck as hell :P


By the way, I just realised that Pauline and you are working in Keppel FELS? Guess what? My brother in law works in Keppel Land in China and is also the rep for Keppel Corp there. He just shared with me how happening Keppel FELS or is it Keppel Offshore and Marine is doing, as the world's largest maker of Oil Rigs. I even saw some of the making of shots of The Peak, which I guessed they also shot in Brazil??

Jason, go go go watch it!

Hi Roy, nice to see a new face here.Keke.. looks like we hv an opposing sound here. Good good, all opinions are welcome. Well.. Apocalypto definitely not the BEST movie, but it keeps me thinking..[besides of those tight butts without ANY tanlines.]

Perhaps i watch the show without any expectations. So it turns out more than satisfying. ;-)

Hey Walter, u juz tell the whole world where i work???!!!!
oh no.. now everybody knows how many mth bonus i get dis yr.(KIDDING)

Wat a small world. keke.. wats ur bro-in-law BIG name?

Offshore & marine is doing well these few years. And this show 'The Peak' is launched to attract more local talents. (http://zynamic-gala.blogspot.com/2007/01/peak.html)
Most of the scenes are taken in Brazil and in our Angra yard - A real paradise. =)I din get to watch it, but the feedback received was rather overwhelming
(i heard). Juz in case some management might drop by..i would better add this: "I m sooo PROUD of my company!!"

woah..small world man..think my friend got Keppel FELs to build his rig or something...hmm..lemme get back to you on that...

Zee: yeah yeah...will look forward to watching it man..woohoo!!

I wish I can see this soon. I just can't find the time.

keke.. actually SG not dat BIG oso. =P

Insomnity, hey u r a busy man.. =)
Great coz u need to find more interesting stuff, i.e the online photgraphy course to share wif us!

this is definitely a nice movie

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