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Reality Fair

Date : Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Time : 7:48 AM

Talk about fairness and reality. Out there, where almost 16,000 children die of starvation each day(almost one child every five seconds); in Bangkok, there were people who paid USD25,000 for just a meal which they cant even finish. A meal of a life time ?? Or a meal at the cost of saving thousands of life?

Read more on: CNN; ABC News; Life's happening.

I m not saying that we should all eat like a poor, I m no saint either and i reckon that i spend quite a portion of my earnings on dining & drinking. When it comes to food, we shouldnt compromise on its quality. Besides, we work hard enuff to deserve a pamper.
However, i just cant help wondering, when people are throwing some serious tickets of hard cold cash in so-called delicacies, is this meal really worth that much of money? I understand the art of culinaries should be respected and complimented, however if we were to fly all the way to a thousand miles away just for a meal( not-to mention the carbon emission), shouldnt we think of some better use of the same amount of money?? Well... I might not in a position to criticise, I only wish that if one day I could afford to enjoy the same level of privilege (which i seriously doubt so), I will not to carry away by the wealth and not thinking of contribute more to the people in need.


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Witness Statement for Reality Fair
US$25,000 is too much for a meal liao! Can buy a nice house in Phuket! Can build many houses for the poor in Thailand :(

Quite an interesting thought there...actually our lifestyles (or at least my lifestyle) is enough to show how lucky we are in life already.

We got pretty good food on our table, nice clothes on our backs, cars to drive us around (if any), money to spend on our hobbies like photography, golf, etc etc..

Yeah..we are fortunate enough already aren't we? Bout time we should think about others eh? hmmm...

Wew Zee... is this the angel side of the devil? :D
  • Statement made at 1:05 AM | By Anonymous advisor

Yeah, it really is sad to see other people pay a lot of money for useless things and how they waste food while millions of people in other areas of the world are starving and struggling even to get one meal a day. Just breaks your heart. :(

Zee, I'd hate to sound self righteous on this as I totally agree that everyone deserves "quality of life"

And we are all guilty, as I just spent $100 on dinner tonight, but I am also a firm believer of if you can't afford it...don't do it.

I don't mind giving $10 to a homeless person for a meal or whatever, but I do hate paying a ton of taxes for all the welfare people that simply choose NOT to help themselves and instead have more babies in order to get more tax $$.

I also don't mind feeding or helping starving people or educating people in places like Africa... but at some point they have to take care of themselves and stop making babies that will die with out outside help.

Sorry if my statement sounds ignorant or harsh.

But if I were homeless, sick,unemployed,uneducated, and had no way to take care of myself... I surely wouldn't be making babies.

EastCoastLife, ya..can be of better use huh.. so heart pain when they said they cant even finish the food.

Jason, ya man.. we r soo lucky compare to the less fortunate. Imagine when we r spending time surfing net now, how many of them r struggling at the edge? so i guess wat we can do is really to treasure wat we have, share whenever we can, do in watever way we can to help spread the awareness.

My dear advisor, i m a cute devil wif halo, wuahaha!!

Jaypee, so we must not waste our food from now on!!!

Czenfan,well said. I totally agreed on the right attitude when it comes to the way we show our concern/helping hand to the needies. Of coz there are people who could hv earn their own lifes yet not trying hard enuff, n these people certainly do not deserve our pities.

we r all guilty in a way. i confess I love good foods n i do spend a hell lot, i mean who doesnt? if u cant afford it, dun do it. but if u can afford it, dun waste it either.

i was browsing thru the internet and saw a lot of reports on this epicures gathering. Of coz i am not who to say this is wrong, but the amount of money / energy/ time spent..and the surplus of the luxurious spread at the end of the day.. i juz cant help to feel heart pain. I pledge to think more often of the people who are really in need while im enjoying my lifestyle AND nvr to waste any food again. Of coz, if my situation allows, i shall offer as much help as i could, in watever terms.

oh yaya.. forgot to add.. sometimes inexpensive food can be heavenly good too =) im thinking of soya beancurd now. drool.. drool.. drool...

I don't mean to be politically incorrect, but... if the Vatican sold some of the gold they have in objects and stuff, I guess World Hunger would diminuish greatly...

I hope someday, somehow, all people of good will find happyness in this Life!!!

Love to Zee and friends, from the other side of BLue Atlantic Ocean!

actually I think when people have reached high up (status, wealth, etc), it is kinda difficult for them to lower their heads and look at what's below/around them.

Nice post.

Most of us are guilty of splurging on luxurious items. And most of us are aware that there are people starving to death, everyday. However, we are often too engrossed in our own problems, that we choose not to think about the more unfortunate ones.

Just a simple thought experiment. Imagine there's a kid across the street that is starving to death, would you choose to spend money on a new ipod or use the money to buy some food for the kid? Most of us would choose the latter as we have the moral obligation to give help to the needy. But do we have the same moral obligation towards the starving kids in developing countries? I guess we do, just that sometimes we choose not to be reminded.

I belive in not wasting food and you can really tell to I need to go on a diet:)

Welcome Sailor Girl!! Hell ya. Vatican is rich.. extremely rich!
Lets wish everybody be happy and cheerful on this Valentine's day!

ChillyCraps, hah.. ya man, n thats also y tall tall ppl cant see short short ppl like me. Kidding aside, thats wat we call the Upper Society lor. Cant blame them also as they are always surrounded by people of the same social status. And tats also y rich ppl r getting richer everyday n poverty can nvr be diminished.

hey the uncharted waters, long time no see!

Couldnt agree more on ur comments, u hit the jackpot, thats exactly the plain truth. Good post.

haha.. Roger, me too =)

nice of u to put a link at yr blog. as for me i'll pay for good food but not that amount YET. but those who are goin to attend the special dinner are multi-millionaires where i'm sure they would have done some charity along the way and maybe more than anyone of us here. for instance, bill gates and warren buffet, they have personal chef staying in their mansion whose salary is more than yrs and mine. was it excessive then?

You are right!!!!
So many people are starving while some rich people are just there eating loads and loads of luxurious good! what a bit contrast!

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