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Chocolate is far more reliable than men?!

Date : Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Time : 12:05 AM

Chocolates, cakes, cards and even romantic movies seem to be the order of the day 24 hours a day. Ew.. i feel the air again.. the love bug flying almost everywhere without a place for anyone to hide. I dun celebrate V-day. Nvr. Not even when i m neither single nor available. i hv a problem eating in a restaurant full of lovey dovey couples serving only v-day set dinner. I have to admit I have nothing against love per se. It's just the overdose of marketing drivel that I can't put up with. Price hike of all related products, ah... juz another mkt strategy to boost up sales volume. Everyday can be valentine's day, if you bother to top his/her days with some lil' surprises. You dun hv to do something big, a hug, a tickle, a walk in the moonlight or a little dance in the drizzle. Little things in daily lives which won't cost you much, all you need to spend is a little bit of love. So why wait till this day when everybody seems obligated to publicly showcase their love? Why

And dun u think its a high risk festival when the break-up rates is higher compared to usual? It could be an annoying Hallmark holiday, yet it still seizes itself upon the female psyche so that she is unable to not harbor expectations about Valentine's Day. The same old story of expectation leads to disappointment. Oh.. Not to mention how the day makes people feel when they are single, whether they want to be or not.

Nonono.. Get me wrong not. I might not find the day special doesnt mean i detest those who treat this day as the most important day of the year. No.. no.. no.. i m not anti V-day. I still find it sweet looking at couples holding-hands together, who are obviously deeply immersed in love. I just dun find it a day worth extra celebration. It will be a whole different set of story if its an official holiday thou =P. Of coz i dun mind if any of u all wanna shower some extra love on me.. haha.

'Happy V-day' to all couples n 'Happy Friendship Day' who gonna hv some great parties wif ur buddies. Also 'Happy Single Awareness Day' to those who is still searching or quit searching. Afterall its not juz a day of sweet romance but a day to rekindle the flame of love if you have lost it somewhere back then... Chocolate ValentineI shall go get some Royce Chocolate for myself and some doggie treat for Zico and Oh yea.. THEY are my all-season lovers!!

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Witness Statement for Chocolate is far more reliable than men?!
I wish you a nice journey and come back soon!

thanks Georgia =)

I heard this is the biggest day of the year for private detectives. The cheaters have to take their hon out--an undercover quickie dosen't cut it.

Personally, I'm gonna stay home and eat cold pizza:)


Ha.. sounds right.

hehe.. me gonna spend my V-day on a flight to Paris. No lover thou, juz me, myself & I.

hmm..as much as I would love to not celebrate v-day, my gf has some expectations and the least I must do is send stuffs to her office. Then we can do dinner at some kopitiam for all we care..keke..

but yeah you are right...v-day is too commercialised and I so wanna kick saint valentine in the crotch!! ugggh!!

Happy Valentine's Day. We do kawfee when you return... :)

HI Miss Zeezee, Thanks for the visit!! well i couldn't drop by your blog, was busy these couple of days..anyway you have fun!!

Huh? Going to Paris! Not coming home for Chinese New Year to collect ang-pows arh?

You love Royce chocolates too huh.

Happy Valentine's Day darling!

* hugs * muuuuuaaaack

Happy Valentines zeezee have a good flight!

Jason, depite all the commercial shit, I wish u n ur gf a lovely V-day!!

Ugyen, u r welcome! Enjoy ur day too & dun stay up too late =)

ECL, i will stop by Paris for abt 15 hrs, so will be spending my post V-day in Paris! no need to wait for stock fly =P

Haha.. who can resist Royce Choc?? Yum.. Happy V-day to u, ohh i really otta mention this again. i m so touch by ur recent entry! All the gd wishes to u n ur family.

Hey hey Roger!!!!! U enjoy ur day too huh~~ *Hugs & Kisses*

I'm spending V-Day with my cat. She is gorgeous. Milk all round. :p

Hey Poet, thnx for swinging by. enjoy ur V-day wif Lady Mildred =)

zeezee..so shweeet of you...thank you thank you..it was fun...

hope your v-day was excellent too...:)

zeezee darling,
I add your blog in The Chain Gang which is a link for more blog traffic. Pls write a post about it and you may add on your own favourite blogs.

Read my blog for the info and pls dun break the chain.

Valentine's Day has come and gone so quickly. To me, its just another day I guess as me and my wife do have our important occasions and dates. ;)

dog and the little kid is a lovely picture! gr8 shot!:-)

Hard to find a girl nowadays which is not over-emphasizing the importance of Valentine's Day. Is marriage album deems important 4 u? I believe most of the ladies do.

Marriage Album.. Mm.. nvr really think of it, hah.. prob nvr really want a customary wedding ceremony in the first place.i dunnoe.. prob gotta wait till the time comes.

Hmm. but i dun really like those studio album. One no longer looks like him/herself anymore in the photos and the overly make-up. Dun u find it kinda weird, to hv a album to record the You which is not-so-you as a lifetime memory. Prob a DIY scrapbook of ur daily life and happy moments spent together will be good, Hmm!! Okie, shall be it then!

You are really a weird one. Many of my female friends insisted to have this album when they got married. The more expensive the better. After one year, all these thousand plus albums ended up in store or even under the bed. I personally would prefer saving that amount of money for honeymoon. Haha!

M i a weirdo??!! LOL, like wat u say.. betta save for honeymoon!!

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