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Date : Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Time : 1:47 PM

I hate labeling and i hate being labeled.
I am a human not a good.
I dont need a label on my forehead nor i need a tag to remind others who I am.
You are so and so husband or wife.. so and so daughter or son.. so and so bf or gf.. Hey.. I am who i am.. i dont belong to anyone and no one actually belongs to me.

Life is always full of labeling.
From a can of condensed milk to choosing a lifetime partner.
We all do it. We all read labels.
Admit it. We label ourselves and others all the time.
Punk or prep. Nerd or athlete. Loner or PartyQueen.
We tell ourselves that we are either dumb or cool; plain or pretty.
We put ourselves and others into categories from time to time.

I cant help but to wonder..
Are we doing the same thing when we try to label relationships?
Relationships aint neat. In fact, it turns out to be just plain messy in most cases..
There are no cleanup directions with a label, either.

Relationships get messier if someone is labeled as the "best friend" or the "boyfriend" . Expectations come in and feelings change.
Once we label someone a girlfriend or a boyfriend can we ever go back?
Or, can someone have multiple labels? (Haven't you heard about that dream guy who is both a "best friend" and "boyfriend" to his significant other? Is that even possible?)

Are we performing relationship suicide when we sum up our relationships?

Just the other day i was sharing wif a fren of how I craved for a runaway, a real, long runaway which i treat it as some sort of retreat. Through weeks of extreme scrambling at work and mood swing, i had this strong urge to crawl into a cave to hide. I knoew this happenend to me time to time. The need to seek solitude. Not that comfort from close friends didn't take effect. Its simply an absolute one-person kind of breakaway that i need to take. Being in the thick of 'me, myself and I' , it might help me to reflect the journey I had taken, the choices I had made, and the realignment that I need to take to move on.I guessed its time to take a break. (Hv a kit-kat!!)


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Witness Statement for Labeling
1st time I read so touchy post from you. Cannot help, that's part of life. We too, always put labels on everybody around us. And when we do so, we start demanding a lot from them too. Much like you longing for a birthday present from you bf. That's nothing wrong. We demand cos we care!

Ha.. ya.. this post was posted sometimes ago while i m having some mood swing keke.. blogging is dangerous, it leaks out all ur secret! =P

how true, when we care for sth or sbd, things often don't turn out as good as we expected. another Murphy's Law demonstration? I dunnoe, maybe its like wat we said in chinese: 'Guan1 Xin1 Zhe2 Luan4', we tend to screw things up when we caer too much.

Keke.. not tat i m expecting a big prezzie or sort. actually just a card or a kiss to show he remember n care will do. but aniway.. thats the past so.. it dun bother me anymore.

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